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The Shuffle

Come up with an algorithm to shuffle a deck of cards. Discuss how uniform a distribution your solution would achieve, and how you could potentially improve upon it.

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Let X1, X2…. XN (In this case N=52) be the set of N numbers to be shuffled.

1. Set j to N
2. Generate a random number R. (uniformly distributed between 0 and 1)
3. Set k to (jR+1). k is now a random integer, between 1 and j.
4. Exchange Xk and Xj
5. Decrease j by 1.
6. If j > 1, return to step 2.

void KnuthShuffle(int* pArr)
int rand;
for(int i=51;i>=0;i–)
swap(pArr[i], pArr[rand]);

GenRand(int min, int max) generates a random number between min and max.

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