This site features a collection of common technical interview questions gathered by a group of programmers who have been through, and given, lots of technical interviews. There is an emphasis on C++ and game programming technical interviews, but most of the questions are relevant to any technical interview.
Loop in a List

Write an algorithm to detect if there is a loop in a singly linked list. Hint: The best solution can be done in O(n) time using constant memory.

Largest Sum of Contiguous Integers

Write a function the returns the largest sum of contiguous integers in an array. For example, if the input is (-5, 2, 3, -3, 0, 5, -15), the largest sum is 7.

int LargestContiguousSum(int*iArray, int len)
The Most Useful Function Ever

You have a sorted array containing integers in the range of 1… n. Write a function that determines the index of the first instance of a particular number, and how many instances of that number are in the array.

Programming Interviews Exposed
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If a large C++ class has implemented the pre-increment and post-increment operators, which would be more efficient? Why?

I’m a Zero

Complete the following function to clear a block of memory (initialize all the bits to zero). The block of memory starts at pStartByte, and is numBytes long.

void clearMemory(void *pStartByte, int numBytes)
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